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Can I pay by purchase order or invoice?

Yes. Get in touch to place your order and we can discuss options.

What's included with each bin purchase?

The contents supplied with each bin varies depending on which product you order. All bins are supplied with a full guide explaining how to get the most out of your Charity Cigarette Butt Bin campaign.

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship to the UK.

What are the typical delivery times from when I place my order?

Delivery times are typically 1-2 weeks. Bespoke items will take a little longer. We will provide you more accurate timescales upon receipt of your order.

Is the bin available in different colours?

Yes, for orders of 20+ bins. Contact us directly for a quote.

Do you offer bespoke labels/graphics?

We sure do. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Can I order replacement panel labels?

You sure can. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


Do the bins encourage smoking?

Definitely not. Ask yourself… Do trash bins encourage people to buy more fast food? Do seat belts encourage road traffic accidents? Do hard hats encourage head injuries? Of course not and cigarette butt bins do not encourage smoking.

Let’s face it, smokers are going to smoke. Would we prefer they consider quitting? Of course and that’s why every Charity Cigarette Butt Bin offers prominent ‘Quit Smoking’ messaging. However, it’s the individuals choice and right at the moment to smoke if they wish.

When they finish a cigarette they are left with the cigarette butt. The only thing our Charity Cigarette Butt Bins encourages is smokers to ‘do the right thing’… to dispose of their cigarette litter responsibly.

I'm a little concerned about associating my brand with smoking. Convince me this will not be an issue.

We are very careful to ensure our messaging is very clear. Our bins and ‘Butt Why Should I Care?’ campaign tackle the issue of cigarette butt litter, the most common form of litter on the planet. They do not support or promote smoking.

Therefore, your brand will be seen as addressing this prominent environmental issue with a responsible proactive approach to cigarette butt litter. Your brand will not be seen as supporting smoking. Quite the opposite in fact as every bin contains clear prominent links to ‘Quit Smoking’ information. If you still have any queries please get in touch.

How many cigarette butts does the bin hold?

Standard capacity bins can hold up to 3,000 cigarette butts. Large capacity bins can hold up to 6,000. Please Note: These figures are likely to change after final trials are complete.

What are the dimensions of the bin?

Please contact us for details.

What can I attach the bin to?

Bins can be attached to walls, fencing, poles and railings. Mounting options will be clearly stated at the point of order.

How do I find sponsors for the bin?

Good question. Take a look at the HOW IT WORKS page for advice. If you are unsure get in touch with us directly and we’ll be happy to offer advice.

What about emptying the bin? Who does that?

Responsibility for checking and emptying the bin on an ongoing basis should be agreed between the bin sponsor and charity. This could be shared between sponsor and charity or you could collaborate with a local litter picking/Plastic Free community group.

As with many of the littering and pollution problems we face today dealing with cigarette butt litter is not a ‘fire and forget’ issue. It requires thought, commitment and ongoing action to ensure sustained reductions in litter over the long term.

Our Charity Cigarette Butt Bins are designed to be part of an overall campaign/strategy towards cigarette butt litter. Education, innovative signage, enforcement and other measures are integral to success.

Need help developing your campaign? Get in touch and let’s collaborate. 

Is the bin easy to empty?

It sure is. The base of the bin is secured in place with the padlock provided and can easily be removed to empty the bin.

Can I recycle the collected cigarette butts?

In theory yes but it isn’t quite as simple as that at the moment.

There is currently no local infrastructure to recycle cigarette waste. However, there is an innovative recycling company called TerraCycle offering two solutions to recycle cigarette waste.

The first solution is their FREE cigarette butt recycling programme. Please note though that this programme is at full capacity at the moment and does not currently accept new members.

However, if you are already an existing member of the Cigarette Waste Recyling Programme, you can continue to send your collected cigarette waste into the programme.

The second solution is part of their paid for Zero Waste Box Services.

A Zero Waste Box provides solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste that cannot be recycled through regular municipal recycling. A small Cigarette Waste Zero Waste Box for cigarette waste that holds approx. 5,300 cigarette butts (a bit less than a standard builder’s bucket) costs £128.35.

The collected waste will be shredded and separated. The plastic (such as the cigarette filters) will undergo pelletisation and extrusion to be moulded into various recycled plastic products. The paper will be recycled and the tobacco and other organics will be composted.

When I chat to people about Terracycle I’m regularly asked “Why is there a cost associated with recycling through their Zero Waste services, particularly cigarette butts?” I always refer to this interesting and informative blog article from the Terracycle blog. Well worth a read: https://terracycleblog.co.uk/2018/07/27/why-do-zero-waste-boxes-cost-money/

For further information on the free recycling programmes and the Zero Waste Box services, please contact TerraCycle directly, either on their free phone number: 0800 0470 984 or email them at: customersupport@terracycle.co.uk.

So, there are currently four choices for what to do with collected cigarette butts. 1) If you are already signed up to the free Terracycle scheme you can send off your collected cigarette butts for recycling. 2) You could send collected cigarette butts to Terracycle as part of their paid for scheme. 3) You could store your collected cigarette butts in sealed containers in the hope that new cigarette waste programmes become available in the future. 4) You could dispose of the cigarette butts in your general waste.

Whatever option is most appropriate for you it’s important to remember that every one of those cigarette butts collected are no longer littering your neighbourhood, are no longer leaching chemicals into the environment and are no longer going to find their way into our rivers and oceans.


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