We want to help make your campaign as successful as possible. To maximise the effectiveness of your Charity Cigarette Butt Bin campaign we recommend following the process below…



Finding a sponsor for a Charity Cigarette Butt Bin is potentially the trickiest part of the process. Any business would make a great potential sponsor but a business or venue owner that contributes a large amount of cigarette litter to an area would be ideal.

Businesses and venues who become sponsors have an ideal opportunity to show their commitment to their staff, customers, visitors and the environment as well as helping a local charity. It’s a Win-Win for all involved. Becoming a sponsor also offers countless opportunities to share positive messaging in the media and online. It’s not only great for brand image it’s ‘the right thing to do’.

You may be a business owner who is looking to ‘do the right thing’ and take some responsibility for the impact your business has on the local area. Good for you! Where you lead hopefully others will follow. If that’s the case then you’ve got this step sorted.

There are two parts to sponsorship – purchasing the bin and sponsoring donations. We recommend a minimum commitment from sponsors of 12 months. Donations can be capped so sponsors know up front exactly what their maximum financial commitment will be. We recommend a £20 maximum cap per month. We do not recommend going lower than £10 max/month as any lower than this will minimise the extra incentive for smokers to use the bin.

You may find that your local authority or council will pay for the Charity Cigarette Butt Bins leaving you to only have to find sponsors for the charitable donations.

Please feel free to GET IN TOUCH if you would like more advice about finding sponsors.


Finding a suitable charity or ‘Not For Profit’ group shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Choosing a charity or group which has close connections to the area in which a bin is located can help reinforce the desire of the smoker to ‘do the right thing’ as they feel they are doing something good that will have a direct impact on the local community.

You may be a representative of a charity looking for a way to help your local community and environment as well as a way to generate a source of new donations. If that’s the case then you’ve got this step sorted!


Finding the right location is key to the success of the Charity Cigarette Butt Bin. Look for locations that have high footfall or where smokers already congregate.

Examples include designated smoking areas in the workplace, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shopping centres, cinemas, sports venues, hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, train stations, bus stations, taxi ranks, car parks, pedestrian crossings and public benches.

Always ensure you have suitable permission to place a bin before fixing it in location.


So you’re ready to purchase? Awesome! There are a number of simple options. Click on the ORDER NOW button below or in the main menu above to find out full details. Options include bin colour, bespoke label design and mounting kits.

If you’re looking to purchase the standard Cigarette Butt Bin with personalised label then we will need the following information – Sponsor name, logo and website address, Charity name, logo and website address.

If you are interested in placing an order for multiple bins (20+) then hit the Enquire button and tell us more. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide a quotation for volume orders.


The final part of the process is crucial to the success of your campaign. Follow these steps to ensure your Charity Cigarette Butt Bin Campaign has a positive impact – Reducing Litter – Reducing Pollution – Reinforcing Good Habits – Helping Local Charities.


Each Charity Cigarette Butt Bin supplied is given a unique Bin ID which is displayed on the front panel. We log the Bin ID, sponsor and charity for every bin prior to dispatch. We ask all new bin owners to log the location of each bin once it is in position and let us know ASAP. Full details of how to do this are supplied with every bin.

We use this information to help monitor the ongoing effectiveness and impact of the campaign.


The monthly monitoring of Charity Cigarette Butt Bins is an integral part of the campaign and serves three purposes.

  1. It ensures that bins are regularly checked and emptied. Many standard cigarette butt bins are ignored once installed and end up overflowing. We want to ensure this doesn’t happen with our Charity Cigarette Butt Bins. Regular checking also offers the opportunity to collect cigarette butts ready for disposal or recycling. Agreement should be made between the sponsor and charity as to who will take responsibility for monitoring and emptying the bin. This could be shared between sponsor and charity or you could collaborate with a local litter picking/Plastic Free community group.
  2. It offers the opportunity to check the donation amount each month. You can check and empty full bins more than once a month if required but the total monthly donation amount is capped. Arrangements can be made between the sponsor and charity/group as to whether donations are paid monthly or annually.
  3. It offers the opportunity to log the total monthly number of cigarette butts collected. We use this information to log the effectiveness of the campaign and create useful feedback to you, the general public and other relevant organisations.

All Charity Cigarette Butt Bins will be supplied with a guide offering lots of information and advice about how to maximise the effectiveness of your Charity Cigarette Butt Bin campaign.


Bins can be checked and emptied more than once a month if required but the total monthly donation amount is capped ensuring sponsors know exactly what their total potential financial commitment is up front. Arrangements can be made between the sponsor and charity/group as to whether donations are paid monthly or annually.

We leave the exact payment of donations arrangements to be made between the sponsor and the charity/group but can offer advice if needed.


Once you have checked and emptied your bin/s send your update to us. Just send us the Bin ID, total number of cigarette butts collected that month and donation amount.

Ideally we prefer if you count all cigarette butts but if this is not possible we provide details of how to accurately estimate the number of cigarette butts collected.

We use this information to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the campaign and to collate useful stats to share with you and the general public.  Where are the UK’s most conscientious smokers? Which bins have raised the most money for charity? etc.

We are also interested to hear your success stories and about your failures. What’s worked? What hasn’t? We’ll share your stories across social media and beyond to promote your fab work and to help everyone learn from mistakes.

Still have a question? Need more advice? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help.